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24 Apr

Your Guide to Crafting a Better Resume

One of the most challenging parts of the search for the perfect job or graduate program is learning how to sell yourself to those who will be reviewing your application. Professionals at all stages of their careers may struggle to give themselves as much credit as they deserve for their achievements and accomplishments.

The resume can often be a major hurdle in this regard, a one-page document in which it's essential that your strengths and assets stand out immediately to your hiring manager or graduate admissions committee. The concise nature of the resume makes it a crucial point of high visibility into your career trajectory and goals.

A basic resume for any application can easily be crafted by adhering to these best practices:

  • Start from scratch, without relying on a recognizable template
  • Write your content to fit to your chosen layout
  • Clearly and succinctly label each section
  • List individual items in each section in chronological order, from most recent to oldest
  • Describe your job responsibilities with strong, active verbs

A truly strong resume requires additional attention beyond these initial considerations, however. If you're looking to turn your basic resume into a great one that can leave your readers eager to offer you an interview, follow the eight steps outlined below.

Put Your Perfect Resume to Use

By following the tips outlined above, you can make your resume stand out from the crowd and give you the upper hand as you apply for any new position.

If you're crafting a resume with the goal of applying to a graduate business program, consider building one with the Online MBA or Online MS in Business Analytics from Seattle University in mind. The Albers School of Business and Economics welcomes dedicated professionals from all backgrounds.